• Marriage & Partnerships

    Basic Mirror Wills

    This is suitable if you are married or in a civil partnership.


    It involves the same, as the basic single Will but create two Wills, one each for you and your spouse/civil partner.


    It allows for the appointment of executors and guardians for any under age children.


    You will be able to make gifts of money or specific items and to leave the remainder of your estate after making gifts (i.e. the residuary estate) to as many persons or charities you would like either in equal shares or in varying percentages. You can even make provisions for the care of your pets.


    Funeral directions can be included. If you have made your decision whether to be buried or cremated include this in your Will and any special wishes concerning flowers or donations to a charity can also be included. (If you have a spouses/civil partners domiciled outside the UK then the normal tax-free allowances do not apply. Tax advice is sought in these cases).

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    Basic Mirror Wills

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